Livid dad refuses to pay for daughter’s wedding after she ruins ‘irreplaceable’ dress

When it comes to weddings, every little detail from the day can be incredibly sentimental – but the outfit you wore will hold a special place in your heart.

Wedding dresses are often kept and passed down to children and one mum had let her little ones borrow her dress over the years.

However, when her last child was preparing to tie the knot, something went very wrong and they claim it caused massive family drama.

The father took to Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum to reveal all, explaining how his wife had made her own wedding dress and had kept it all these years.

Three of their four children had each used the dress in their own weddings, but when their final child got married she “ruined” the garment.

Her parents were so upset by her actions that they now refuse to continue paying for her wedding.

The dad wrote: “My wife made her wedding dress with her mother. It’s very sentimental to her and she was very proud of it. It was simple but freaking gorgeous. She has always said she would love for our kids to wear her dress at their wedding.

“We have three daughters (34, 30, 25) and one son (28). My wife made it known that the dress was not to be altered except to be taken in/let out so it could be kept and worn. Our youngest daughter didn’t wear it. Our daughter-in-law wore it for their reception and our son held it up against him for some pre-wedding bridal pictures so he wasn’t left out…he totally rocked it. Oldest daughter wore it for her wedding.

“We’ve offered some financial contributions to all our children towards either school, a wedding, or a house downpayment. Olivia has asked for help paying for her wedding.

“The wedding is in the beginning of August. A few months ago Olivia asked my wife if she could use the dress for her wedding and my wife gave her the dress so Olivia could get it fitted with plenty of time. Tuesday Olivia asked me to go with her to pay some vendors, one of the stops was the tailor shop for a final fitting and pay the seamstress. Olivia was really nervous and I figured it was just usual pre-wedding jitters and excitement.”

However, it soon transpired that Olivia’s nerves were due to the changes she had made to the dress – without asking.

“The dress Olivia came out in was not at all her mother’s dress,” the man continued. “It was a completely different dress with parts of her mother’s gown added to it.

“She took the straps, the sash, the train, and the embroidered top skirt and had it added to this new dress. I was befuddled for a bit and then asked what the hell this was. Olivia’s reasoning was that she was the last of our kids to get married and there wasn’t anyone else to wear it and she made sure to instruct they keep the original dress to be returned to her. I told her that’s not the same, she knows it, and the dress was never hers to do with what she wanted.

“I asked the seamstress for the rest of my wife’s dress and had Olivia tell my wife in person what she had done. My wife was devastated.

“I have since cancelled the payments I made that day and told her I won’t be paying another cent to her wedding. She and her fiance can figure it out. Our youngest daughter thinks I’ve gone overboard knowing Olivia planned her wedding with our help in mind and without it, she can’t finish paying for everything. Olivia’s future in-laws also agree with that- they can’t afford to help and suggested I should pay, and then we just go low contact with Olivia.

“I’ve told them both that Olivia took something irreplaceable from her mother for her own vanity. I know we originally offered help with the wedding but I think Olivia’s actions warrant cancelling that offer.”

The dad then asked fellow Reddit users if he was in the wrong for cutting his daughter off from wedding assistance and more than 2,100 people replied.

One person said: “That was hugely disrespectful to your wife. The dress didn’t even belong to your daughter! If they can’t afford the big wedding without your help then they can downsize the wedding.”

Another wrote: “It doesn’t matter that your daughter is the last one to use the dress – it doesn’t give her the right to destroy/alter it. She should have discussed it with your wife first, and then abide by whatever decision your wife made. She arbitrarily made the decision to ruin the dress.”

A third posted: “There were no uncertain terms about the usage of the dress. The fact is she never intended to respect those rules.

“Also just because someone plans for something assuming they’re getting money, doesn’t mean they should still get the money no matter what??”