Pet shop forced to display cheeky sign after visitors fear ‘dramatic’ bird is dead

People have been left in stitches after a pet shop was left needing to reassure customers a “dramatic” bird that plays dead is fine and healthy.

The drama-loving pet stole hearts after a TikTok went viral sharing its hilarious antics.

And the bird has gained a whole host of fans from the video, which has racked up over 14 million views.

The hilarious clip shows the creature lying upside down in its enclosure, as if pretending to be dead.

And the bird’s feathers peak out from behind the sign which has caused all of the commotion.

It reads: “Don’t worry, I’m not dead, just dramatic.”

Below, the note continues: “(I act out for attention)”.

The behaviour is “normal for this type of bird when they are young”, according to the video’s creator, @eloahjones.

But to reassure any concerned viewers she also posted a second clip, showing the bird playing around before rolling over onto its back again.

A commenter also claimed: “This is the bird where my daughter works… this baby is sooo spoiled by their staff who takes amazing care of this sweet baby.”

Both videos were inundated with comments from viewers hoping someone would visit the Tennessee pet shop and give the bird its forever home.

But bird-lovers also shared a warning people should not rescue animals without completing the necessary research first.

“Conures are a full time JOB. do not run out buying them please! i have 2 and they are more than a commitment,” one person wrote.

But one thing everyone could agree on was that the bird truly deserves its “dramatic” title.

“He deserves the attention,” read one comment.

Another added: “Birds can be so extra.”

And @ eloahjones agreed: ” Such big personalities I love it.”