Woman’s nightmare as she opens suitcase after holiday and ‘tarantula’ crawls out

Unpacking your bags after a trip away is never enjoyable.

There’s the clothes to sort, the things to put away, and don’t forget the scarily large pile of laundry.

But one woman’s experience was more frightening than most when she unzipped her suitcase and a “tarantula ” crawled out.

The holidaymaker from England found the unexpected memento after a trip to Cyprus, according to a video posted to TikTok.

The now viral clip shared by @Georgiahsx shows the immediate aftermath of the discovery.

In the clip, her friend can be seen making a phone call for help, before the camera pans to a discarded pile of clothes chucked on the floor, from which the creepy-crawly emerges.

And the large eight-legged creature can be seen clearly before it scuttles away.

The onscreen caption reads: “Hi RSPCA, I think I may have brought a tarantula in my suitcase home with me from Cyprus.”

And while the pair have yet to confirm what happened next, or if the spider was identified, it certainly does not look like one you would want to go near.

Tarantula lovers were quick to offer advice, suggesting who the pair could contact, with a keeper also offering to take the arachnid off their hands.

Many more tarantula haters also shared their horror at seeing the clip.

One comment read: “I’d be leaving that where it is and heading back to Cyprus on my own.”

Another person said: “Literally going Cyprus tomorrow, might cancel.”

And a third added: “I’d simply die.”

In a statement released following a separate discovery earlier this year the RSPCA advised that unidentified animals should always be treated with caution.

A spokesperson said: ” We always advise treating any unidentified animal with caution until identified accurately and not to try to handle an accidentally imported animal that has been discovered.”